What We Do

Our Services

We're a full-service fulfillment company that acts as an extension of your team. As a group of dedicated e-commerce experts, we're on a mission to provide the best infrastructure for emerging e-commerce brands.

Aside from our fulfillment offering, we have two additional layers of services. The GrowthJet Brand Experience includes all inventory preparation work including item barcoding and kitting. Essentially, it's anything that involves getting your products ready to be processed in our fulfillment center. All other activities geared towards helping you grow your business fall under our GrowthJet Tailored Logistics service.

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Fulfillment Service

This is our bread & butter service offering. We store and ship your products quickly from our warehouse after receiving orders from your online shop using discounted carrier rates. We ship worldwide and your customers will love seeing their packages arrive at their doorstep!

Inventory Prep

We can prepare your inventory prior to putting your products on our shelves as part of our basic inventory prep service. From assembling product packaging to checking your products for defects, we can do it all.

Product Photography

We have a professional studio with an experienced media team ready to make your products shine! We use a professional mirrorless camera with Adobe Lightroom software for editing. With your inventory already with us, your product photography process will be a breeze.

Customer Service

We can also handle your customer service requests. In the beginning, we'll work closely with you to learn about your processes and gain product knowledge. Over time, we'll be able to handle most requests on our own. When we're unsure how to approach a request, we will ping you for guidance.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is critical in today's competitive e-commerce landscape. Let's work on getting your email communication to the next level. We can deliver the right message to the appropriate customer segment at the right time through custom flow campaigns, abandoned cart campaigns, browse abandonment, and more.

Web Development

Having grown two successful brands ourselves, we know a thing or two about e-commerce best practices. We can A/B test different versions of your website to optimize conversions, tweak the layout of your shop, re-organize your collections, audit your international shipping options, make recommendations on user interface, and a lot more.

Customer Surveys

Effective customer feedback loops are invaluable to the growth and improvement of your brand. Work with us on crafting sophisticated, logic-based customer surveys that will give you clarity into your customers' needs and help shape the future of your brand.

Virtual Assistant

Need an extra hand managing your social media accounts, filing petty insurance claims, or monitoring your marketing performance? We can help. Think of our staff as on-demand virtual assistants that can help you with any task without the hassles of HR & Recruiting.

Start growing with us.